Deep Learning Theory and Applications Reading group

Summer 2018


Welcome to our reading group. Please join us this summer to understand and learn about deep learning from a researcher’s point of view. We will mainly be doing book readings and will occasionally have guest lectures. We will also be updating ourselves with the latest research from the deep-learning community.

We are first planning to finish the book by Ian Goodfellow, deeplearningbook and and then move to Matrix Computation book in August.

We alternate our discussions between Slack and the google forums.

All are welcome

Time and Location

We meet Tuesdays and Fridays from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm in MSC Conference room 4th floor.


Activity Details Leader Day Subscript
Book Reading ch 13: Linear Factor Models Vishnu 1st June  
Book Reading ch 6: Deep Networks Ronak 5th June  
Book Reading ch 7: Regularization in Deep Networks Tuan 12th June slides
Book Reading ch 14: Autoencoders Zihang 15th June slides
Paper Review Autoencoders, VAEs, WAEs Shitao 19th June  
Presentation CVPR 2018 Highlights Ronak 22nd June  
Book Reading ch 8: Optimization in deepnets Haoliang & Xingjian 25th June slides
Book Reading ch 9: CNNs Tuan 29th June slides
Book Reading ch 10: RNNs Qian 3rd July slides
Book Reading ch 15: Respresentation Learning Vishnu 6th July slides
Book Reading ch 17: Monte Carlo Methods Ronak 10th July slides
Book Reading ch 16: Probabilistic Models Zirui 13th July slides
Book Reading ch 18: Partition Functions Zihang 17th July  


If you have any questions or would like to join the reading group, please contact

  • Vishnu Lokhande []
  • Tuan Dinh []